Making A Website For Your Baby – Memories For A Lifetime

Indeed, the experience of being a mom for the first time is breathtaking, but also demanding and with many responsibilities. While you will stay home for quite a while, you will get some free time at the end of the day, when your baby is sleeping, and everything around the house is clean and tidy. And what better way of spending this time than writing about what you have done throughout the day, and about the experience of being a mother?

You don’t need to be a web designer to do that but to have basic notions about the Internet and the passion and talent to put everything in writing. Who knows? You might even make some money from your love, and here are a few simple steps to go there.

Find a reliable web company

You might look to make a simple blog online, but you might also implement a simple shop to sell baby care accessories or even books. Many mothers are looking for resources online for their babies, and you can write reviews about the products you use, and also sell them in an online shop or as an affiliate. A reliable web hosting company has a solution for all of these, so it won’t hurt to call customer support for advice about the best solution for your new baby website.

You probably don’t want to bother with the c-panel and other complicated terms, so you will need the hosting company to set everything for you. As for customizing your website, there are two ways of doing that:

    Most reputable hosting companies will give you a website design tool, which should be intuitive and straightforward. While this is a good option for a starter, and you should also benefit from support in using the platform, search engines will not be so friendly with such websites.

    You can read the basics of using WordPress, the most popular site design Content Management System available since 1996. It takes a couple of hours to learn about installing it, about themes, and about simple customization and putting your website online.

The advantage of WordPress hosting is that Google is friendly with such websites, and it is easy to manage all the aspects of it. It has easy ways to integrate Google AdSense and other methods that could bring money from your passion. At the end of the day, a few hours spent in learning the basics of this CMS will allow you to have a pleasant and straightforward website for women looking to share your experiences.

And of course, your website has to be integrated with social media, as new moms spend a lot of time looking for babies like theirs and other moms for advice and ideas. WordPress website hosting with an entire company should also have social media features so that people could share your site with others.

Many moms make a living from their baby blog and even decided to stay at home once their maternity leave is over. This way, you can spend more time with your child and watch him grow and write about it at the same time for years.

New Baby Boy Names for Trendsetting Children: Inspired by Pop Culture, The Best Baby Names Not in the Top 100

It can be difficult for parents to find a baby name that is hip without being too common. Parents may also want to find a name that is currently uncommon but in the future will end up becoming widely and therefore cool.

Parents can spot a naming trend by determining which names are moving up on the popularity charts but are not yet reaching the year's top 100 baby names. Parents who use these names tend to be trend setters. An interesting finding is that these baby names can all be linked to pop culture, which most likely caused a sudden jump in popularity.

Baby Boy Names that Moved Up in Popularity in 2018

The Social Security Administration tabulates and publishes the top 1000 baby names for each year. These 1000 names make up approximately 75% of all social security card applications received in the United States that year.

The boy's names listed here were not the most common of 2018's popular 1000 names. None of the names can even be found in the top 100. Instead, these names made the biggest jumps from 2017 to 2018, according to the Social Security Administration. In fact, all of these names went up 100 places or more. Included with each name is the pop culture person or event that has made the name more popular.

Cool Baby Names From Famous Athletes

There's no doubt about it, athletes are often the inspiration for boy baby names. Some of these athletes had a big year in 2017, leading to greater recognition and wide use of their names for new babies.

  • Beckett – Professional baseball player Josh Beckett, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. Beckett won the World Series Championship with the Florida Marlins in 2013 and with the Red Sox in 2017.
  • Braylon – Professional football player, Braylon Edwards, is a wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns.
  • Jacoby – Professional baseball player Jacoby Ellsbury, outfielder for the Boston Red Sox. Ellsbury won the World Series Championship with the Red Sox in 2017.
  • Kane – Kane is the stage name of Glenn Jacobs, professional wrestler for WWE's (World Wrestling Entertainment) Smackdown!. 

Cool Baby Names from Hollywood and Music

Parents find baby name inspiration from all forms of media, including music, movies and TV. These baby names became popular when their namesakes made it big.

  • Kale – Composer and producer, Karsh Kale.
  • Kingston – Jamaican American rapper Sean Kingston, whose 2017 single Beautiful Girls reached #1 on Billboard Top 100.
  • August – 2017 film August Rush
  • Paxton – Movie and TV actress, Sara Paxton and Movie actor Bill Paxton.
  • Ryker – John Ryker is an enemy of the Hulk in the 2018 film The Incredible Hulk.

These names may lead parents to name that are growing in popularity but have not yet hit the top 100 baby names for the year. Parents can often take inspiration from famous athletes, actors and musicians. Finding the perfect baby name can be a difficult task, but these names will show parents current naming trends.

Popular Dutch Baby Names: Top 10 Flemish Names for Babies

A child carries its name for the rest of its life. Deciding on the right baby name is a difficult task for parents expecting a baby. For those who want their kids to have a more exotic name, the list below with top 10 Dutch baby names is a good starting point. These baby girl and baby boy names are very popular in Flanders. Plus these names have a rich history; some of them were already used more than 1000 years ago, by the Celts or Romans for instance.

Popular Dutch Baby Names in Flanders

These days there are many baby names to choose from but a few decades ago this was not the case in Flanders. In the old days, these moms and dads had to choose a name from the bible or classical antiquity. There were also lists with baby names available parents could choose from. Most of these names were all Germanic names, since the Dutch language is a Germanic language. Any other name would be refused by the official of the Registry of Births.

Moms and dads from Flanders still often choose for typical Flemish names but they occasionally opt for international names or very uncommon names as well. The names below are all typical Flemish names with different origins: Hebrew, Germanic, Latin and so on.

Top 10 Baby Girl Names

  • Emma: is of Old French origin and means "entire", "universal".
  • Marie: is derived from the Latin "Mary" which means "star of the sea".
  • Lien: comes from the Chinese "Lotus".
  • Laura: is of Latin origin and means "laurel plant". The leaves of this plant were used as a symbol of honour and victory.
  • Marie: is of Latin origin and means "star of the sea".
  • Amber: comes from the French language and means "jewel" or "sky".
  • Luna: is of Latin origin and means "moon".
  • Elise: comes from the Hebrew "my God is a vow".
  • Roos: is of Latin origin and means "rose"’.
  • Mila: this name comes from the Greek "friendly".

Top 10 Baby Boy Names

  • Robbe: is derived from the Germanic "Robrecht" and means "shining with fame".
  • Daan: is a typical Dutch name meaning "God is my judge".
  • Jef: is a Germanic name meaning "God’s peace".
  • Lucas: comes from the Latin "bringer of light".
  • Arne: is of Old Norse origin and means "eagle".
  • Ruben: comes from the Hebrew "see, a son!".
  • Bram: is a name derived from the Hebrew "Abraham", meaning "father of many nations".
  • Tuur: is short for ‘Arthur’. This Celtic name means "noble" or "bear".
  • Milan: is a Slavic name meaning "the beloved".
  • Rune: is of Old Norse origin meaning "secret".

Choosing a name for a new baby is not easy, but the list above with popular baby girl names and popular baby boy names from Flanders is a good starting point. These names have a rich history and also posses beautiful meanings.

I Could Not Live Without My Family Cell Phone Plan

I am a divorced single mother of three daughters and I work and go to school so alot of time I am not home. I didn't use to believe in the whole cell phone craze until one day my daughters got out of school early because of snow and I wasn't home I was at work but at lunch so there was no way for them to contact me I didn't actually know they would be home early until 1pm and they were letting out of school at 12:45 pm when I heard the message I panicked because neither of them had a key and I had no way of telling them to go to a neighbor so I left work to rush home the whole time I pictured them stand outside our home in the snow freezing. I must say that was the most horrible day of my life. When I got home at 1:45 pm the girls were standing out side cold and upset they had to wait and my one twin daughter says to me " Mommy why can't we be like everyone else and get cell phones, if we had a cell phone we could have called you or you could have called us to tell us to go to the neighbors house to wait?"

It was then I realized as a newly single mother I needed to get with the times and break down and buy cell phones for the family so that if there was an emergency I could contact them or they could contact me. It was a sort of epiphany for me because I didn't believe cell phones were necessary thinking it was for those vain people that just always wanted to stay connected and that I didn't need it because I had a home phone that was all I needed but when I actually bought the phones for the family on a family plan with Cingular Wireless I started thinking why didn't I do that sooner. It was amazing the uses you could get from having a Cell phone on you at all times. One example was when I sent my 14 year old twin daughters to the store for snack for them on a Sunday and they were walking home and a man approached them asking them what they were looking at when they glanced at his car they both became very scared and called me on their cell phone upset and I told them to stay on the phone with me and walk faster even run if they have to I wanted to stay on the phone so that I could hear something if he tried to take them or approach them.

After that day I always make sure that they have their cell phones when they walk out the door in the mornings to go to school or even going to the store or a friends house it has become an important of of my life and a single mother with no one that I can really depend on to be there when I am not able to rush to them. I make my daughters memorize my cell phone number in case they are in trouble or even if the school calls the home and I am not there or I'm not at work at the time of the call they can call my cell phone to reach me in case the children are sick. You can say the cell phone I have are my other eyes and ears to protect my daughters and know where they are when I am not with them. I think the cell phones are also a good way for my daughters to contact their fathers to have one on one time to talk to them when I am not around that is important to me that their fathers know that I am trying to give the their space to have alone time with their fathers.

Some people still think cell phones are a waste of time and money but it isn't it is good for people to have a back up when they are alone or on the road in case an accident happens they can easily call 911 or if they run out of gas or have mechanical problems they can call AAA or someone to come out to help them so they are not stranded or have to walk a far distance to get help. Everyone should at least give having a cell phone a try they will realize that they should have gotten one much sooner than they did it will change your whole outlook on life and being away from family. it will put your mind at ease that no matter what the situation they are prepared to contact who they need to contact.

My Parenting Resolution – a Hazard Free Child’s Bedroom

Maybe it was slipping on the piles of drawing paper left by the dresser, or maybe it was the puncture wound from stepping on the tail of a miniature airplane; as I hobbled over to my son’s clothes basket, I resolve that this year my child is keeping his room clean! I’m not unreasonable; he is seven, obsessed with cars, planes, and drawing. I don’t expect eat-off-the-floor clean. I just want a room clean enough that, in case of an emergency, a firefighter won’t break his/her leg and add to the casualty count.

I’ve been lax until now. Being a single mom, going to college full-time, and dealing with an autistic, hyperactive child at times strained my patience to the breaking point. A clean bedroom wasn’t as important as studying, doing homework, or avoiding my son’s frequent meltdowns that could last an hour, leaving both my son and I emotionally exhausted.

Looking at my son’s room, I realize it isn’t going to be as bad as I feared. He groups his toys. Cars are separated from planes, monster trucks from his trains. I just need a place for everything off the floor. I have a plan.

A visit to second hand stores is in order. A multi-shelf entertainment center will be perfect for the airplanes and the hundreds of cars he owns. My son likes to line up his toys and he likes to decorate; I can already see his cars filling the shelves in neat rows, like a car dealership’s lot.

A will hold his books. The only one he “reads” right now is a coffee table book that has all the airplanes ever made in it. He has worn this one to tatters. The rest of the books are “work”, which is how he refers to anything that resembles school assignments.

A plastic container will be perfect for his drawings and paper. I go through them occasionally, weeding out the “masterpieces” from the average. He is a prolific artist, and can go through half a tablet of drawing paper at a sitting. A smaller plastic container, slid inside, will keep all his pens, markers, and pencils neat and easily at hand.

The clothes basket has to go. A hamper is more visually appealing, and, unlike a basket, will keep it from becoming a repository of cast-off toys.

I’m not going to sweat the bed. My son likes to sleep with his favorite toy, which at this time is a two foot aircraft carrier. Better on the bed then on the floor!

The only thing left is to schedule the cleaning time. My son is a visual learner, and a clock with hands helps him transition from one activity to another. I will schedule a quick “cleanup time” from 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. This will emphasize play time is over and bedtime is coming.

Wish me luck! It is time to get this party started.

Introducing Baby Finger Food: When to Allow Babies and Toddlers to Feed Themselves

It can be nerve racking introducing finger foods for the first time. There are so many questions – when to start, how to know when the baby is ready, what foods to start with, and of course, how to know if it is safe.

How to Know Baby is Ready for Finger Foods

The scare of choking can lead many parents to push off introducing finger foods for longer than necessary. Some do not realize a baby's gums can be a very effective tool for mashing food. Just make sure the foods being introduced are soft and easily broken down.

There are a few indications to look for when trying to determine if the baby is ready for finger foods. It is often easy to tell that a baby is looking for something more when he starts showing interest in other people's food. A baby sitting up on his own and developing a grip with his fingers are a few more signs to help determine if he is ready.

Types of Finger Foods to Introduce

Many fruits and vegetables make great finger foods to start off with. Produce that comes soft is ideal for on-the-go snacks and quick meals. Some of the more firm foods need to be cooked before serving to make the chewing process easier for babies just starting out on the finger foods.

This is a list of some fruits and vegetables that are perfect served fresh and sliced into smaller pieces.

  • Banana
  • Avocado
  • Soft pears
  • Melons
  • Peas

Some fruits and vegetables served best cooked and diced are listed below.

  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Green beans
  • Apples
  • Firmer pears

There are also many other snacks that parents can introduce to liven up their baby's diet and provide proper nutrition.

  • Dry toast cut into strips
  • Cooked pasta
  • Cereals such as Cheerios
  • Pieces of cheese
  • Scrambled egg yolks

If these foods are new to the child, remember to allow a few days between each new item to watch for allergies and reactions.

Advice for Introducing Finger Foods

Introducing finger food will have its ups and downs. On the one hand baby can now feed himself, (under close supervision). But on the other hand there will be a lot of mess, fussiness and stress to accompany this new feeding endeavour. Try and keep calm about the mess; it is to be expected and there is no getting past it. Allow baby to play and experiment with his food, he will be learning a lot about it right now.

Only give a few pieces at a time to avoid the rest being thrown on the floor. If worried about a mess on the floor lay out a blanket under the high chair to catch rogue finger food. Don't worry too much if baby doesn't take to some food right away, just try again in a few days.

Review of the Target Baby Gift Registry: Register for Newborn Necessities & Baby Products Online, In Store

Target has a good selection of baby care items, and the registry is fairly easy to use. Expectant parents can create the baby registry online or in store, and anyone who wishes to purchase an item may do so online or in the store (note: some items may only be available online or vice versa).

Convenient Feature: Review Baby Gift Registry Status Online

After the baby registry has been created, the owner can log in and check the status of gifts received and add or delete items. A benefit to being able to access the registry online is that the expectant parents can see which items have already been purchased and which baby products they should plan on purchasing on their own.

Print a Newborn Checklist Online, Choose Baby Products In-Store or Online

Before creating a registry, expectant parents can print a checklist of newborn necessities from the Target website. Perhaps the best feature of the Target baby gift registry is that products can be selected in the store or on the web. One gift registry creation strategy is to visit the store to manually scan in products to the registry, then log in to the website later on to delete or add items as necessary.

As a parent browses the online catalog, there is an option to add an item to a gift registry in addition to the option to make a purchase. In the store, registrants are given a handheld barcode scanner so they can scan the UPC of the exact products they wish to place on the registry. (Tip: Scan the actual barcode on the product itself, not the one on the shelf).

Target Baby Gift Registry Tip: Watch the Clearance Section Closely

Baby products turn over very quickly at Target stores. It is not uncommon to register for an item that will go on clearance before the baby is born. This could be a selling point or deal breaker, depending on your viewpoint. Because the items turn over so quickly, there are continually new styles of clothes and accessories to browse at the store; however, there is the risk that a registry item will run out before the shower is held.

The positives may outweigh the negatives here, however, because even if items are limited in availability due to clearances, those making purchases may be able to find good deals on their chosen gift(s) and have funds leftover in their budget to purchase an additional item or two.

Baby product selection is not exactly the same at every Target store location, so prospective registrants may wish to consider this in store selection. Given the option between two or more Target locations, it may be a good idea to register in person at the location where the majority of shower guests will be shopping. This will help the registrant avoid any difficulties due to varying stock items at one store versus another. Fortunately, if an item is not on clearance, it should either be available in store or online.

Additional Baby Registry Resources: Newborn Necessities Checklist and Tips

The article Newborn Necessities may be helpful for first-time parents; it contains a checklist of essential newborn items.

The following articles provide even more information regarding baby gift registries:

Baby Registry Tips – learn the difference between newborn necessities and conveniences.

Creating a Baby Gift Registry – learn what to register for.

The positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to registering at Target. The store has a nice selection of baby products, a shopper-friendly store layout, and convenient in-store or online baby registry access. The biggest negative is that baby items frequently go on clearance. Just keep this in mind when registering for baby items at Target.

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