Making A Website For Your Baby – Memories For A Lifetime

Indeed, the experience of being a mom for the first time is breathtaking, but also demanding and with many responsibilities. While you will stay home for quite a while, you will get some free time at the end of the day, when your baby is sleeping, and everything around the house is clean and tidy. And what better way of spending this time than writing about what you have done throughout the day, and about the experience of being a mother?

You don’t need to be a web designer to do that but to have basic notions about the Internet and the passion and talent to put everything in writing. Who knows? You might even make some money from your love, and here are a few simple steps to go there.

Find a reliable web company

You might look to make a simple blog online, but you might also implement a simple shop to sell baby care accessories or even books. Many mothers are looking for resources online for their babies, and you can write reviews about the products you use, and also sell them in an online shop or as an affiliate. A reliable web hosting company has a solution for all of these, so it won’t hurt to call customer support for advice about the best solution for your new baby website.

You probably don’t want to bother with the c-panel and other complicated terms, so you will need the hosting company to set everything for you. As for customizing your website, there are two ways of doing that:

    Most reputable hosting companies will give you a website design tool, which should be intuitive and straightforward. While this is a good option for a starter, and you should also benefit from support in using the platform, search engines will not be so friendly with such websites.

    You can read the basics of using WordPress, the most popular site design Content Management System available since 1996. It takes a couple of hours to learn about installing it, about themes, and about simple customization and putting your website online.

The advantage of WordPress hosting is that Google is friendly with such websites, and it is easy to manage all the aspects of it. It has easy ways to integrate Google AdSense and other methods that could bring money from your passion. At the end of the day, a few hours spent in learning the basics of this CMS will allow you to have a pleasant and straightforward website for women looking to share your experiences.

And of course, your website has to be integrated with social media, as new moms spend a lot of time looking for babies like theirs and other moms for advice and ideas. WordPress website hosting with an entire company should also have social media features so that people could share your site with others.

Many moms make a living from their baby blog and even decided to stay at home once their maternity leave is over. This way, you can spend more time with your child and watch him grow and write about it at the same time for years.