Top Family Game of All Time: Cranium's Whoonu

My family just loves playing Cranium's Whoonu! The Game can be played with three to six players. The recommended ages for this game are eight to adult. However, my six year old son, who can read, is able to play this game without any trouble.

The object of the game is to win the most points by accurately guessing your fellow players' favorite things. Every player gets a turn to take center stage as the Whoozit. The other players have to guess what will be the Whoozit's favorite things.

Set-up for the game is simple. Tokens are used to keep score. The number of tokens used depends on the number of players. The first Whoozit gets the Whoonu envelope. The other players get four cards. The players are allowed to look at their own cards, but are not suppose to reveal them to anyone else.

You guess the Whoozit's favorite things in each round. Everyone but the Whoozit picks what they think the Whoozit will like best from the cards in their hand. Players then put those two cards (three – four players) or one card (5 – 6 players) in the Whoonu envelope. Then the Whoozit looks at the cards from the Whoonu envelope and puts them in order from least favorite to most favorite. The Whoozit then places each card face down in front of the tokens. The least favorite thing is worth one point, so it goes in fornt of the one token. There are a lot of surprises as the Whoozit reveals their least favorite thing to their most favorite. The player who chsoe the card then takes the corresponding token.

Play continues until everyone has been the Whoozit and all the tokens are used. The player with the highest number of points win .

Whoonu is the perfect family game for several reasons. First, the game is always different and fresh. The game isn't too long. It usually only takes ten to twenty minutes to play the entire game. Everyone has a chance to win this game – whether they are young or old. This game can be very surprising and funny. You really learn a lot about your family members' interests and tastes.

So, if your family game nights have turned stale and boring, give Whoonu a try! This game is sure to liven up your next family game night! Whoonu retails for approximately $15 and is well worth the money! To learn more about Whoonu, check out