Planning a Great Family Trip to Pennsylvania

There are so many great places to . Many of these places are learning experiences. You can take as little as a week, and fit in a multitude of sight-seeing adventures!

This is a great learning experience for kids to teach them about different cultures. Amish Country is very peaceful and productive with miles of cornfields, cows and covered buggies about. There are tours you can take of Amish school houses, houses, farms and learn about the Amish Customs and way of life. You can also just drive around Amish country and see first hand the big old houses, buggies, farmers working in the field with their kids and old fashioned clothing. We stopped to ask directions at one Amish person’s farmhouse and he was so friendly, he talked with us a while and invited us into his barn. He had rows of cows and 3 boys who were dirty from working and playing in the fields. It’s great for kids to see first hand how the Amish don’t use electricity, grow their own food and dress modestly as to not draw attention to themselves. One you’re finished touring Amish Country, it’s great to stop at one of their restaurants. We stopped at a Amish Restaurant which was on our path and it was very modestly decorated, with great homemade food! It was also a way to interact with Amish folks. I especially loved the prayer table matts set at each table. Such a different culture from our own, so peaceful and such a great learning experience!

Philadelphia was also a great learning experience for the kids and a lot of fun for everyone. Everyone took away something else from this great City. My husband loved the Rocky steps, and how the streets were laid out so easily for driving. I loved the artistic side roads with amazing graffiti filled walls and amazing mosaics about. The kids loved riding on the top of the bus for the bus tours and the LOVE sign at night! You can also visit the Liberty Bell, which is quite a photo opportunity, as well as another great learning experience! Across the road from the Liberty Bell is the room where the Declaration of Independence was Signed. Only a short while away from these great historical locations is where Betsy Ross lived. Ben Franklin is also mentioned frequently on the tour as it was his hometown. Lots of history, culture, art and great food! A definite stop on your Pennsylvania tour!

Gettysburg is a place my parents had taken me when I was a kid and on my family Pennsylvania trip, I made this a stop. I definitely wanted my kids to know the history of this place. Gettysburg is very haunting with so much history involving the Civil War. There are numerous tours you can take, seeing firsthand civil war clothing, guns, and soldier belongings. You can also visit the Gettysburg National Cemetary and see where President Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address. Great history lessons about for the kids and very interesting for the parents alike. I took such beautiful pictures of the kids in this historical and beautiful graveyard and caught them being mesmerized by the sights! Amazing stuff and definitely a stop I would recommend.

Hershey Park I would suggest more for older kids. I went with kids and the youngest wasn’t able to go on a lot of rides. We actually went around separately, so we could go on the kiddie rides, while the older kids went with my husband and went on the older kids rides. When we had to meet up again, we actually lost them & it was quite frightening. This park is HUGE, keep this in mind. It’s a lot of fun if your kids are close in age and there are a ton of rides. You can also go to the Chocolate factory and get a tour of the place they make Hershey Chocolate and get the history of the company. This was a lot of fun for the kids and there was a lot to see here. Overall, a good experience, minus the difficulties for the younger age child set. If you have younger kids you can go to Sesame Place, which was also a lot of fun for us all and even the older kids enjoyed this park. It’s also very crowded here. This park is broken up into a water park and a ride park. These parks are a lot of fun for the kids and a real highlight for them. I would recommend them as it is a little different from all the historical tours.

There are even more places to visit in Pennsylvania, but I tried to highlight the places I knew of and hope it can help you plan a terrific and memorable trip for your family! Truly it was one of the most memorable and fun trips my family has ever been on.