Plan a Family Reunion

Family reunions can be quite the ordeal when it comes to planning and reaching out to relatives you have not seen in ages. There are many challenges to putting such an event together. This is a tremendous task that will require enlisting the help of a few more individuals so do not hesitate to reach out to siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. With such planning comes the initial decision of the location of the family reunion. Do you want to host the event in the middle of the country or at the location of the family's eldest member? Other items to consider for such gatherings include time of year, accommodations, venues, games, and budget.

Time of year

Planning the family event can be complicated when trying to decide what time of the year to hold the family reunion. The season and climate play a large role in deciding the time of year to host the gathering. If you want to promote outdoor activities you may decide to host in spring, summer or fall, though you can accomplish this objective in the winter if the event location is in a southern state such as Florida. The other deciding factor is to avoid critical times of the year that hover around holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. These times of the year usually accompany weeklong family vacations that you do not want to interrupt.


When it is decided that you want to move forward with planning a family reunion, it is imperative to start contacting hotels at least a year before the event. Such advanced notice will provide the hotel staff enough time to reserve your request and be able to hopefully provide you with group rate. The hotel will also begin sending you brochures on area activities of which you can begin working on a family itinerary. Depending on your gathering size, try securing more than one hotel or inn to allow your long distant relatives some flexibility with hotel costs.

Where to Meet

The hotel that is housing your family members may have such amenities as conference facilities, but that is not the only option to your grand gathering. People may wish to meet in outdoor venues as forest preserves, outdoor pavilions, amusement parks, zoos, etc. Some may prefer to meet at national geographic wonders as the Grand Canyon National Park or notable historic landmarks located in the Washington D.C. area.


There are a number of games to play with the extended family. Such games can be divided by age groups from little children up through the seniors. Children may benefit from a family soccer game to such field games as capture the flag or "steal the bacon". Adults and seniors may find fun games such as family trivia that pose such questions about different members of the clan. It is also ideal to enlist a couple of relatives to gather family pictures and put together a scrap book for everyone to peruse and sign as soon as the arrive at the event.


The cost of hosting such event varies. The cost can be relatively low if you are hosting the event with inexpensive accommodations and hosting the meeting at a lecture hall or outdoor pavilion. However the amount of money spent can be extremely high if everyone decides that they want to hold their meeting at Disney World or in Hawaii. It all depends on everyone's budget. Typically it is recommended to keep the costs down low as to avoid putting people on the spot for committing to such high prices.