I Could Not Live Without My Family Cell Phone Plan

I am a divorced single mother of three daughters and I work and go to school so alot of time I am not home. I didn't use to believe in the whole cell phone craze until one day my daughters got out of school early because of snow and I wasn't home I was at work but at lunch so there was no way for them to contact me I didn't actually know they would be home early until 1pm and they were letting out of school at 12:45 pm when I heard the message I panicked because neither of them had a key and I had no way of telling them to go to a neighbor so I left work to rush home the whole time I pictured them stand outside our home in the snow freezing. I must say that was the most horrible day of my life. When I got home at 1:45 pm the girls were standing out side cold and upset they had to wait and my one twin daughter says to me " Mommy why can't we be like everyone else and get cell phones, if we had a cell phone we could have called you or you could have called us to tell us to go to the neighbors house to wait?"

It was then I realized as a newly single mother I needed to get with the times and break down and buy cell phones for the family so that if there was an emergency I could contact them or they could contact me. It was a sort of epiphany for me because I didn't believe cell phones were necessary thinking it was for those vain people that just always wanted to stay connected and that I didn't need it because I had a home phone that was all I needed but when I actually bought the phones for the family on a family plan with Cingular Wireless I started thinking why didn't I do that sooner. It was amazing the uses you could get from having a Cell phone on you at all times. One example was when I sent my 14 year old twin daughters to the store for snack for them on a Sunday and they were walking home and a man approached them asking them what they were looking at when they glanced at his car they both became very scared and called me on their cell phone upset and I told them to stay on the phone with me and walk faster even run if they have to I wanted to stay on the phone so that I could hear something if he tried to take them or approach them.

After that day I always make sure that they have their cell phones when they walk out the door in the mornings to go to school or even going to the store or a friends house it has become an important of of my life and a single mother with no one that I can really depend on to be there when I am not able to rush to them. I make my daughters memorize my cell phone number in case they are in trouble or even if the school calls the home and I am not there or I'm not at work at the time of the call they can call my cell phone to reach me in case the children are sick. You can say the cell phone I have are my other eyes and ears to protect my daughters and know where they are when I am not with them. I think the cell phones are also a good way for my daughters to contact their fathers to have one on one time to talk to them when I am not around that is important to me that their fathers know that I am trying to give the their space to have alone time with their fathers.

Some people still think cell phones are a waste of time and money but it isn't it is good for people to have a back up when they are alone or on the road in case an accident happens they can easily call 911 or if they run out of gas or have mechanical problems they can call AAA or someone to come out to help them so they are not stranded or have to walk a far distance to get help. Everyone should at least give having a cell phone a try they will realize that they should have gotten one much sooner than they did it will change your whole outlook on life and being away from family. it will put your mind at ease that no matter what the situation they are prepared to contact who they need to contact.