How to Plan a Family Reunion

Planning a family reunion requires inspiration and some original ideas. This can be done on a budget but also very expensive. Your expectations are important and probably you want to invite more people when you are going to marry or to celebrate your 50th anniversary of your wedding than in case you want to plan a birthday party.

Some kinds of family reunions are:
– New Year or
– Birthday parties
– A yearly happy together with the family
– A wedding
– A golden jubilee

Other important things you need to consider:
– Which is the budget that you can afford?
– Do you have a small or a large family?
– Do the most of your family members live in the same city and country or not?
– Do you want to pay all the expenses or can you distribute the expenses?

If you have an answer for all these questions you can start with the real planning of your family reunion.


If the reunion is only with a few members of the family the invitations can be done by phone or email. If the group is larger it will take some time and you need to send the invitations surely a few months before the reunion. It is necessary that you do some research of the addresses of the family members and determinate a date for registration. It is necessary that you know who will come to order the food and other arrangements what concerns the transport, hotel and some other accommodation.


Search for a good location where you can bring the family together and choose for a good meal. Delicious food is important for an enjoyable family reunion.


A family reunion is a happy together with many members of the family and they look forward to this day. Of course it is important that you plan some activities. Knowing the interests of your family members is very important. Some suggestions are sport activities, dancing, a show with a singer or a theater act.


Are you going to pay all the expenses by yourself or does everyone to share in the expenses? In most cases you will pay the expenses by yourself and you make a list of ideas for some presents. If everyone will need to pay by subscription don’t make it too expensive.


It is important that you evaluate the positive and negative aspects of the family reunion. It is the best manner to improve a family reunion in the future.

Enjoy your family reunion!