What To Do With Used Baby Clothes: Some Ideas In Dealing With Your Children's Outgrown Wardrobe

Babies outgrow their clothes extremely quickly, especially in their first one year of life. Parents often find that they are shopping for new attire every few months, unless they have purposely bought clothes that are a size bigger for their child.

Even so, babies clothes are rarely worn out and are still in usable condition. On top of that, they tend to accumulate and take up space at home. Here are some note-worthy options of dealing with the baby clothe pile-up.

Keep them in the store.

If you are planning on siblings for your child, you should not dispose of baby's apparel as yet. Keeping clothes for younger siblings is a sure-fire way to save money. An expanding family means an expanding budget.

Keep your baby's clothes in zip-lock bags and label them according to their age groups. You may specify the appropriate seasons for wearing them too, if you are living in a country that experiences the four seasons. This keeps the clothes clean and in order for easy access when number two or three or four or even five comes along. Stash the zip lock bags into a plastic box and label that box too, just for easy reference. Arranging them in age order saves you the trouble of retrieving them later.

Lend or give them away to your peers.

If you have siblings, close relatives, friends or colleagues who are in the family way, you can help alleviate their financial burden by lending your baby's clothes to them (if you want them back) or giving it to them.

Just make sure they do not mind receiving hand-me-downs. Most parents would not but there are those who are particular about buying new goodies for their own babies.

Donate them to charity.

The orphan population is growing exponentially around the world. Run a Google search for orphanages and adoption agencies and you would know that there are children as young as infants who are no where near as fortunate as your child. Donating to the nearby orphanage or shelter for single mothers is a praiseworthy charity act that will bring blessings to your family.

Alternatively you can contact international orphan networks like Islamic Relief, CARE, Red Cross and the Salvation Army, to name a few, to help clothe a less fortunate child.

Sell them as second hand clothes

Here is a way to earn some return on all those baby clothes you purchased for your growing child. You can opt to sell clothes online through eBay or other second hand exchange sites. You can even set up your own personal site yourself and manage your second hand store from your own home.

If there are second hand stores in your area, pay a visit to them to understand their exchange policies. Selling them to these type of stores is also a possibility.

Dispose of them!

If baby's clothes just happen to be a little too worn out, faded, with a few missing buttons, an elastic band that is too loose and / or displays a little too many food stains, or other stains for that matter, it is probably best to bin it.

There is no profiting from such grub. It would be highly likely that recipients of these apparel would also discard of them, after overcoming the feeling of distaste.

Baby clothes can be of abundance at home as baby outgrows outfit after outfit. In fact, they may even begin to clutter your home. Do not despair – there are plenty of ways to deal with the growing wardrobe of tiny clothes. See which one fits you best and you will soon be rid of baby apparel blues and pinks.