Sims 2 Making an Alien Baby: Instructions on How to Create a Unique and Rare Sim

Among the many paranormal creatures in the game is the relatively benign alien baby. Alien babies grow and behave exactly as a normal baby; the primary difference is that they are birthed by a male sim rather than a female sim.

Alien babies have two fathers. One is the male sim that was abducted by aliens, probed, and returned home. The other father is an Alien called Pollination Technician.

Getting an Alien Baby

The natural way of acquiring an alien baby involves hours of stargazing through a telescope. Abductions happen very rarely. Chances may increase when the stargazing sim has maxed out Logic skill points. Female sims do not have alien babies, only male sims. Players who want to raise an alien baby must have a male sim do the stargazing.

For those that do not have the patience to sit around spending their nights watching the telescope, there is the boolprop method. Press Ctrol+Shift+C and enter boolprop testingcheatsenabled true into the cheat text. Hold the shift key down and click on the telescope at night.

Select the option Force Abduction. A spaceship will cruise by and suck the player’s chosen sim from where he was innocently stargazing in his backyard. About a day later the aliens will return the traumatized sim to his home and he will begin his pregnancy.

Except for the gender of the afflicted sim, the pregnancy resulting in the Alien Baby is normal.

Raising the Alien Baby

Alien babies age at the usual sim rate and behave as any typical baby sim would. By the time they reach the toddler stage of their development, players will be able to catch a glimpse of how the Alien Baby will look as a child and an adult.

Usually an Alien Baby looks like the Pollination Technician with sickly green skin and black eyes. They usually have black hair, but it is possible for the basic appearance of a baby to differ by inheriting traits from its sim parent. For instance an Alien baby might have the eye color or hair color of the sim father rather than the standard strictly Alien appearance of the Pollination Technician.

An unfortunate trait of Alien babies is that they have a misshapen face with a very narrow jaw. The Alien sim that results will not be the best looking sim, but with the green skin color, which is otherwise only found in witches or warlocks (though it is not inheritable from parents to offspring as the Alien skin tone may be) every Alien baby will stand out from the crowd, a fact that will help generate excitement for the player.