Review of the Target Baby Gift Registry: Register for Newborn Necessities & Baby Products Online, In Store

Target has a good selection of baby care items, and the registry is fairly easy to use. Expectant parents can create the baby registry online or in store, and anyone who wishes to purchase an item may do so online or in the store (note: some items may only be available online or vice versa).

Convenient Feature: Review Baby Gift Registry Status Online

After the baby registry has been created, the owner can log in and check the status of gifts received and add or delete items. A benefit to being able to access the registry online is that the expectant parents can see which items have already been purchased and which baby products they should plan on purchasing on their own.

Print a Newborn Checklist Online, Choose Baby Products In-Store or Online

Before creating a registry, expectant parents can print a checklist of newborn necessities from the Target website. Perhaps the best feature of the Target baby gift registry is that products can be selected in the store or on the web. One gift registry creation strategy is to visit the store to manually scan in products to the registry, then log in to the website later on to delete or add items as necessary.

As a parent browses the online catalog, there is an option to add an item to a gift registry in addition to the option to make a purchase. In the store, registrants are given a handheld barcode scanner so they can scan the UPC of the exact products they wish to place on the registry. (Tip: Scan the actual barcode on the product itself, not the one on the shelf).

Target Baby Gift Registry Tip: Watch the Clearance Section Closely

Baby products turn over very quickly at Target stores. It is not uncommon to register for an item that will go on clearance before the baby is born. This could be a selling point or deal breaker, depending on your viewpoint. Because the items turn over so quickly, there are continually new styles of clothes and accessories to browse at the store; however, there is the risk that a registry item will run out before the shower is held.

The positives may outweigh the negatives here, however, because even if items are limited in availability due to clearances, those making purchases may be able to find good deals on their chosen gift(s) and have funds leftover in their budget to purchase an additional item or two.

Baby product selection is not exactly the same at every Target store location, so prospective registrants may wish to consider this in store selection. Given the option between two or more Target locations, it may be a good idea to register in person at the location where the majority of shower guests will be shopping. This will help the registrant avoid any difficulties due to varying stock items at one store versus another. Fortunately, if an item is not on clearance, it should either be available in store or online.

Additional Baby Registry Resources: Newborn Necessities Checklist and Tips

The article Newborn Necessities may be helpful for first-time parents; it contains a checklist of essential newborn items.

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The positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to registering at Target. The store has a nice selection of baby products, a shopper-friendly store layout, and convenient in-store or online baby registry access. The biggest negative is that baby items frequently go on clearance. Just keep this in mind when registering for baby items at Target.