Popular Dutch Baby Names: Top 10 Flemish Names for Babies

A child carries its name for the rest of its life. Deciding on the right baby name is a difficult task for parents expecting a baby. For those who want their kids to have a more exotic name, the list below with top 10 Dutch baby names is a good starting point. These baby girl and baby boy names are very popular in Flanders. Plus these names have a rich history; some of them were already used more than 1000 years ago, by the Celts or Romans for instance.

Popular Dutch Baby Names in Flanders

These days there are many baby names to choose from but a few decades ago this was not the case in Flanders. In the old days, these moms and dads had to choose a name from the bible or classical antiquity. There were also lists with baby names available parents could choose from. Most of these names were all Germanic names, since the Dutch language is a Germanic language. Any other name would be refused by the official of the Registry of Births.

Moms and dads from Flanders still often choose for typical Flemish names but they occasionally opt for international names or very uncommon names as well. The names below are all typical Flemish names with different origins: Hebrew, Germanic, Latin and so on.

Top 10 Baby Girl Names

  • Emma: is of Old French origin and means "entire", "universal".
  • Marie: is derived from the Latin "Mary" which means "star of the sea".
  • Lien: comes from the Chinese "Lotus".
  • Laura: is of Latin origin and means "laurel plant". The leaves of this plant were used as a symbol of honour and victory.
  • Marie: is of Latin origin and means "star of the sea".
  • Amber: comes from the French language and means "jewel" or "sky".
  • Luna: is of Latin origin and means "moon".
  • Elise: comes from the Hebrew "my God is a vow".
  • Roos: is of Latin origin and means "rose"’.
  • Mila: this name comes from the Greek "friendly".

Top 10 Baby Boy Names

  • Robbe: is derived from the Germanic "Robrecht" and means "shining with fame".
  • Daan: is a typical Dutch name meaning "God is my judge".
  • Jef: is a Germanic name meaning "God’s peace".
  • Lucas: comes from the Latin "bringer of light".
  • Arne: is of Old Norse origin and means "eagle".
  • Ruben: comes from the Hebrew "see, a son!".
  • Bram: is a name derived from the Hebrew "Abraham", meaning "father of many nations".
  • Tuur: is short for ‘Arthur’. This Celtic name means "noble" or "bear".
  • Milan: is a Slavic name meaning "the beloved".
  • Rune: is of Old Norse origin meaning "secret".

Choosing a name for a new baby is not easy, but the list above with popular baby girl names and popular baby boy names from Flanders is a good starting point. These names have a rich history and also posses beautiful meanings.