New Baby Boy Names for Trendsetting Children: Inspired by Pop Culture, The Best Baby Names Not in the Top 100

It can be difficult for parents to find a baby name that is hip without being too common. Parents may also want to find a name that is currently uncommon but in the future will end up becoming widely and therefore cool.

Parents can spot a naming trend by determining which names are moving up on the popularity charts but are not yet reaching the year's top 100 baby names. Parents who use these names tend to be trend setters. An interesting finding is that these baby names can all be linked to pop culture, which most likely caused a sudden jump in popularity.

Baby Boy Names that Moved Up in Popularity in 2018

The Social Security Administration tabulates and publishes the top 1000 baby names for each year. These 1000 names make up approximately 75% of all social security card applications received in the United States that year.

The boy's names listed here were not the most common of 2018's popular 1000 names. None of the names can even be found in the top 100. Instead, these names made the biggest jumps from 2017 to 2018, according to the Social Security Administration. In fact, all of these names went up 100 places or more. Included with each name is the pop culture person or event that has made the name more popular.

Cool Baby Names From Famous Athletes

There's no doubt about it, athletes are often the inspiration for boy baby names. Some of these athletes had a big year in 2017, leading to greater recognition and wide use of their names for new babies.

  • Beckett – Professional baseball player Josh Beckett, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. Beckett won the World Series Championship with the Florida Marlins in 2013 and with the Red Sox in 2017.
  • Braylon – Professional football player, Braylon Edwards, is a wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns.
  • Jacoby – Professional baseball player Jacoby Ellsbury, outfielder for the Boston Red Sox. Ellsbury won the World Series Championship with the Red Sox in 2017.
  • Kane – Kane is the stage name of Glenn Jacobs, professional wrestler for WWE's (World Wrestling Entertainment) Smackdown!. 

Cool Baby Names from Hollywood and Music

Parents find baby name inspiration from all forms of media, including music, movies and TV. These baby names became popular when their namesakes made it big.

  • Kale – Composer and producer, Karsh Kale.
  • Kingston – Jamaican American rapper Sean Kingston, whose 2017 single Beautiful Girls reached #1 on Billboard Top 100.
  • August – 2017 film August Rush
  • Paxton – Movie and TV actress, Sara Paxton and Movie actor Bill Paxton.
  • Ryker – John Ryker is an enemy of the Hulk in the 2018 film The Incredible Hulk.

These names may lead parents to name that are growing in popularity but have not yet hit the top 100 baby names for the year. Parents can often take inspiration from famous athletes, actors and musicians. Finding the perfect baby name can be a difficult task, but these names will show parents current naming trends.