Amby Baby USA Issues Recall of Beds: Baby Hammocks Linked to Two Infant Deaths Due to Suffocation by Pad

Amby Baby USA of Minneapolis, Minnesota, has issued a recall on one specific model of its baby beds. The original recall was issued on December 8, 2009, after Amby Baby USA received reports of two deaths associated with the product.

The company was able to verify a problem in the construction of the beds and immediately began to recall the items. The beds with the flaw are no longer in production but several units were already purchased. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a similar report for safety concerns because the beds are already in several homes.

Amby Baby Motion Bed Recall

All Amby Baby Motion Beds being recalled contain the design flaw. The construction is a steel frame that creates a stand for the bed. A metal spring extends to a y-shaped bar to support the hammock section of the bed. The hammock is made of a light fabric with a cushioned mattress pad to offer support.

Consumers can read the bed’s slogan, “Amby. Babies Love It, Naturally” on the fabric label. The hammocks also have a label to show they were produced in China. The beds were purchased online either directly from Amby Baby USA or from other sites that sell baby products.

The beds were sold from January 2003 to October 2009 for $250. Amby Baby USA reported that about 24,000 units were purchased throughout the six-year period.

Problems With the Amby Baby Motion Bed

Amby Baby USA has confirmed that two infant deaths occurred because of a problem with the hammock’s design. The CPS also was able to independently verify these reports.

The hammocks were produced to create a gentle swaying motion to assist the child during periods of relaxation. Either the motion of the child or an external force could help create the swaying effect. The problem with the beds was that the infants rolled on the mattress and became trapped. While suffocation did occur it is unclear if the mattress or the fabric were the greatest safety risk.

Actions to Take Following Recall of Amby Baby Motion Bed

It is very important that parents or guardians discontinue the use of this product as soon as possible. Amby Baby USA does not suggest trying to fix the issue without help from the company. The CPSC suggests removing the bed from the home and finding alternative sleeping arrangements for the child.

Amby Baby USA does offer a repair kit that is supposed to correct the safety issues of the hammock. Consumers interested in obtaining a kit, requesting a refund, or learning more information can contact the company directly.

The phone number of Amby Baby USA is (866) 544-9721. From Monday through Friday during normal business hours, a representative will be able to help with any inquiries. Interested consumers may also use the Amby Baby Website for assistance or for more information.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission website also contains updated information on recalls throughout the United States.

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