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Siteground, a Perfect Hosting for your Kids Blog

One of the top web hosting services in the market today is SiteGround. Is it the ? Find out the answer with this SiteGround review.


SiteGround Reviews 2020 – When (& When not) To Use It


is founded way back in 2004. It is Bulgaria-based and privately-owned. They provide various types of hosting, including cloud, WordPress, shared, and dedicated hosting services. They are popular for their impressive customer support.

This web hosting is ideal for small businesses, startups, bloggers, as well as enterprise clients. It offers top of the line hosting and smart custom solutions. With its functional features, it can provide a good value for your money.




SiteGround provides amazing benefits that can satisfy your needs. Let us know more about its features below.


Reliable Customer Support


SiteGround has award-winning customer support. They provide 24/7 customer support, so you can always turn on their friendly team for your specific concerns. They have fast and reliable support that can impress you. They offer tickets, live chat, phone, as well as email support.


Free Automatic Daily Backups


Each plan offered by SiteGround has free automatic daily backups and restorations. You can effortlessly restore your website in its previous version.


Protection from Hacking


One unique feature of this web hosting is its isolation system. With this, you can have website protection against hacking.


Site Backups and Server Security


SiteGround has intrusion prevention and intrusion detection systems that scan, block viruses and malware. It can fix issues instantly.


Fast Loading Time


This web hosting service provides fast loading time from 20 ms to more than a second. It offers speed technologies which include:


  • Cloudfare CDN (content delivery network)
  • NGINX which is a web server technology that can enhance the loading time of your website
  • Supercacher that allows you to choose between dynamic or static caching
  • HTTP/2 – enabled servers which improve the speed
  • SSDs (solid-state drives) which are used on different accounts
  • PHP 7, a server-side scripting language, can make dynamic website content




  • One negative thing we can say about SiteGround is it doesn’t provide free domain name
  • Complicated setup of backups




The following are the features of SiteGround.


Control Panel


The hosting provider features a cPanel control panel for their different hosting plans.


Uptime and Performance


Server downtime is among the challenges that may encounter by your business website. Fortunately, SiteGround has a 99.99% uptime guarantee. You can expect great performance with this web hosting.


Real-Time Monitoring


SiteGround provides real-time monitoring. So, you can easily detect server issues and fixed them as much as possible.  


Customized Hosting Solutions


If you want more customized hosting solutions, you will not regret choosing SiteGround.


Artificial Intelligence


SiteGround uses Artificial Intelligence for blocking malicious bots.


On-Demand Backups


It comes with on-demand instant backups for your files, folders, or emails.


Hack Alerts and Data-Center Security


As you grow your website, you may experience security threats. Therefore, you must have a web hostgator en Mexico  with greater security. Well, SiteGround comes with a hack alert. It has a warning system established by GlobalSign. With hack alerts, you can be informed about hidden malware on your website.


In addition, web hosting also has data-center security, which includes:


  • 24/7 human monitoring of servers
  • Video surveillance
  • Access control man traps
  • Redundant electrical supply through UPS, different power feeds as well as power generators
  • Bulletproof lobbies
  • Biometric access points


Money-Back Guarantee


They also provide 30 days money-back guarantee. You can receive a 100 percent refund once you cancel within 30 days. Meanwhile, admin fees, domain names, as well as add-ons are non-refundable.


WordPress and Joomla Toolkits


It comes with Joomla and WordPress toolkits for different websites. With these tools, you can automate different tasks like resetting admin passwords, changing domain addresses, and fixing file permission problems.


Developer Features


Web hosting comes with developer features, such as site staging, WP-CLI integration, GIT integration, and more.




SiteGround can be your efficient web hosting. It is equipped with more innovative features that can help you improve your website performance and loading speed. With the help of this SiteGround review, we hope that you already have a decision if it’s right or not for your business website. Meanwhile, if you want web hosting that can offer you with impressive customer support, SiteGround is the best option.