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What To Do With Used Baby Clothes: Some Ideas In Dealing With Your Children's Outgrown Wardrobe

Babies outgrow their clothes extremely quickly, especially in their first one year of life. Parents often find that they are shopping for new attire every few months, unless they have purposely bought clothes that are a size bigger for their child.

Even so, babies clothes are rarely worn out and are still in usable condition. On top of that, they tend to accumulate and take up space at home. Here are some note-worthy options of dealing with the baby clothe pile-up.

Keep them in the store.

If you are planning on siblings for your child, you should not dispose of baby's apparel as yet. Keeping clothes for younger siblings is a sure-fire way to save money. An expanding family means an expanding budget.

Keep your baby's clothes in zip-lock bags and label them according to their age groups. You may specify the appropriate seasons for wearing them too, if you are living in a country that experiences the four seasons. This keeps the clothes clean and in order for easy access when number two or three or four or even five comes along. Stash the zip lock bags into a plastic box and label that box too, just for easy reference. Arranging them in age order saves you the trouble of retrieving them later.

Lend or give them away to your peers.

If you have siblings, close relatives, friends or colleagues who are in the family way, you can help alleviate their financial burden by lending your baby's clothes to them (if you want them back) or giving it to them.

Just make sure they do not mind receiving hand-me-downs. Most parents would not but there are those who are particular about buying new goodies for their own babies.

Donate them to charity.

The orphan population is growing exponentially around the world. Run a Google search for orphanages and adoption agencies and you would know that there are children as young as infants who are no where near as fortunate as your child. Donating to the nearby orphanage or shelter for single mothers is a praiseworthy charity act that will bring blessings to your family.

Alternatively you can contact international orphan networks like Islamic Relief, CARE, Red Cross and the Salvation Army, to name a few, to help clothe a less fortunate child.

Sell them as second hand clothes

Here is a way to earn some return on all those baby clothes you purchased for your growing child. You can opt to sell clothes online through eBay or other second hand exchange sites. You can even set up your own personal site yourself and manage your second hand store from your own home.

If there are second hand stores in your area, pay a visit to them to understand their exchange policies. Selling them to these type of stores is also a possibility.

Dispose of them!

If baby's clothes just happen to be a little too worn out, faded, with a few missing buttons, an elastic band that is too loose and / or displays a little too many food stains, or other stains for that matter, it is probably best to bin it.

There is no profiting from such grub. It would be highly likely that recipients of these apparel would also discard of them, after overcoming the feeling of distaste.

Baby clothes can be of abundance at home as baby outgrows outfit after outfit. In fact, they may even begin to clutter your home. Do not despair – there are plenty of ways to deal with the growing wardrobe of tiny clothes. See which one fits you best and you will soon be rid of baby apparel blues and pinks.

Using Description to Name a New Baby Boy: Modern Day Names Lack the Meanings Attached to Ancient Names

The Greek meaning of the name Ambrose is divine, or immortal, not a bad moniker to attach to a new baby boy for whom much is hoped. Expectations for a boy named Brian, or Alexander could entail great accomplishments, as those names have Celtic and Greek roots which translate to strong, and defender of men, respectively. Everyone has heard of Alexander the Great!

Just the first few letters of the traditional American alphabet reveal the beginnings of names connected to the virtues of strength and character, connections to nature, a happy life style, and holiness. Many of these have Biblical roots and meanings understood in Greek, Hebrew, Celtic, and Germanic languages.

Examples of Rooted Names for a Baby Boy

  • Aaron = meaning Enlightener, is rooted in Hebrew
  • Adolph = Noble Wolf (Danish, Dutch, German roots); spelling can vary with Adolf, or Adolphe (French roots), and Adolfo (Italian/Spanish roots), and Adolphus (Latin roots)
  • Andrew = Manly (Greek); Andres (Spanish); Andre (French); Andrea (Italian)
  • Arthur = Valor, Strength, Nobility (Celtic)
  • Avery = Courageous (Germanic)
  • Everard = Strong As A Boar (Germanic)
  • Ezekiel = God Gives Strength (Hebrew)
  • Fergus = Manly Strength (Celtic)

Interestingly, the name Benedict was not originally associated with acts of a traitor. It means blessed. In French, it is Benoit, and the Spanish version is Benito.

Many Male Names Have Likenesses to Nature

  • Arnold = Eagle Power
  • Ashley = Dweller Among Ash Trees
  • Athelstan = Noble Stone or Jewel
  • Bartholomew = Son Of Furrows
  • Bertram = Bright Raven
  • Caleb = Dog, for Loyal
  • Clive = Cliff Dweller
  • Craig = Crag Dweller
  • Cyrus = The Sun

Male Names of High Elevation

  • Abner = Father of Light
  • Abraham = Exalted Father of Multitudes
  • Aurelius = The Golden One
  • Basil = Kingly
  • Conrad = Bold Counsel
  • Dan = Judge
  • Donald = World Chief
  • Eldred = Mature Counsel
  • Eleazar = God Has Helper
  • Eli = The Highest One
  • Emery = Work Ruler
  • Ethelred = Noble Council
  • Eric = Honorable King

Some names for new baby boys would bestow meanings of a happy and rich existence. For instance:

  • Felix = Happy, Fortunate
  • Eustace = Good Harvest
  • Eugene = Well Born
  • Erasmus = Lovable
  • Ephraim = Doubly Fruitful
  • Eneas = Praiseworthy
  • Eliot = God's Gift
  • Edwin = Rich Friend
  • Darius = Wealthy
  • Cuthbert = Notably Brilliant
  • Alan = Handsome

Baby Boy Names to Avoid

Smallness, infirmities, or darkness are attached to a number of baby boy names. Ecstatic parents of a newborn might want to steer clear of them if they know before-hand of the connotations of these choices. They include:

  • Elvin = Of The Elves
  • Douglas = Dark
  • Claude = Lame
  • Cecil = Blind
  • Calvin = Bald
  • Aubrey = Elf Ruler
  • Amos = Burden

Baby Boy Names of Color

Many names relate to colors and hues of nature. Several of them are:

  • Adam = Red; Man Of Red Earth
  • Alban = White
  • Boyd = Yellow-haired
  • Duncan = Brown Warrior

Parents looking to attach military, or battle-worthy names to new baby boys might consider the following:

  • Alaric = All Ruler
  • Alexis = Defender
  • Alger = Noble Spear
  • Cedric = War Chief
  • Edgar = Rich Spear, for Warrior
  • Egbert = Bright Sword, for skilled swordsman

For parents seeking names with direct meanings involving the peaceful side of human nature, there are these:

  • Frederick = Peace Ruler
  • Franklin = Freeman
  • Ezra = Helper
  • Ethan = Firmness
  • Enoch = Dedicated
  • Edmund = Rich Protector
  • Curtis = Courteous
  • Clement = Merciful
  • Burgess = Citizen
  • Asa = Healer

What's in a name? Quite a lot, it would seem.

Resource: The 1966 edition of the Funk & Wagnalls Standard College Dictionary, copyrighted by The Reader's Digest Association, Inc., and entitled The Reader's Digest Great Encyclopedic Dictionary (with special supplements); Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 66-21606.

Rankings of popular baby names by gender, by state, and by year may be found on the Social Security Administration website. The rankings include individual entries for names with like pronunciations which can be spelled a number of different ways, such as Caitlin and Kaitlynn, etc.

The SSA originated the popular baby names site from an idea for name distribution submitted by Michael W. Shackleford in 1997.

Shopping for Baby Products: How to Buy Essential Items for Infants

If money is no object, shopping for a baby can be a thoroughly exciting and satisfying experience for women. There are just so many things to buy and the little cuddly toys, cute clothes and soft baby bedding look so irresistible.

However, for parents with very tight budgets, buying essential items for infants can be a daunting task. Check out the following ideas to help parents when they go shopping for baby products.

Safety Concerns for

Safety should always be a priority when buying baby essentials. Make sure baby gear and furniture such as crib, high chairs, prams, car seats, baby walkers, etc, meet current safety standards. Parents need to exercise extra care when buying pre-owned items from garage sales or bargain shops.

In the United States, parents should look for products certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMS). They can also contact to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) if they have queries about certain safety issues regarding children’s products. In Australia, parents can check safety standards through CHOICE, the country’s largest independent consumer association and Kidsafe, a non-government, non-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to preventing childhood injuries.

Buy Practical Items for Babies

Yes, many trendy baby products look adorable, especially when baby is wearing or using them. However, not all of them are very baby-friendly. Plus, they can be very costly. Try to buy only practical items for babies. Here’s how:

  • Avoid buying baby clothes and shoes that fit baby perfectly. She will outgrow all these very quickly. Buy bigger sizes so that they can last longer.
  • Choose baby items that are easy to use. Parents do spend a fair bit of time cleaning up items for infants. So buy those that are easy to clean. For instance, go for clothes that are machine washable. Avoid those that require hand washing, ironing or dry cleaning! Also, avoid mobile items such as prams or strollers that are too heavy or hard to fold.
  • Wait and see what baby really needs. Don’t buy too soon. As tempting as it is to decorate the baby nursery with all kinds of baby stuff, it’s best to buy some essentials first and then wait to see what needs to be added. Besides, friends and family are always just too willing to spend on the newborn.

Make a Wish List for Baby

It’s quite common for a newborn to get the same type of gifts from well wishers, friends and family. To avoid that, parents can make a wish list for the infant. Plan this way before the baby is due. Tell close friends and relatives what are truly needed – a crib, baby monitor, bassinet, cradle, bedding and other accessories, playpen, jumper, toys, etc. Some of them can pool their money together to buy more expensive baby products. Making a wish list for the baby is a practical way to fill up the baby nursery and to avoid gift duplicates.

When shopping for baby products, parents should keep a clear head and think about safety issues, practicality and ease of use. Don’t buy baby gear just because it looks cute. Also, consider making a wish list for the newborn.

Amby Baby USA Issues Recall of Beds: Baby Hammocks Linked to Two Infant Deaths Due to Suffocation by Pad

Amby Baby USA of Minneapolis, Minnesota, has issued a recall on one specific model of its baby beds. The original recall was issued on December 8, 2009, after Amby Baby USA received reports of two deaths associated with the product.

The company was able to verify a problem in the construction of the beds and immediately began to recall the items. The beds with the flaw are no longer in production but several units were already purchased. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a similar report for safety concerns because the beds are already in several homes.

Amby Baby Motion Bed Recall

All Amby Baby Motion Beds being recalled contain the design flaw. The construction is a steel frame that creates a stand for the bed. A metal spring extends to a y-shaped bar to support the hammock section of the bed. The hammock is made of a light fabric with a cushioned mattress pad to offer support.

Consumers can read the bed’s slogan, “Amby. Babies Love It, Naturally” on the fabric label. The hammocks also have a label to show they were produced in China. The beds were purchased online either directly from Amby Baby USA or from other sites that sell baby products.

The beds were sold from January 2003 to October 2009 for $250. Amby Baby USA reported that about 24,000 units were purchased throughout the six-year period.

Problems With the Amby Baby Motion Bed

Amby Baby USA has confirmed that two infant deaths occurred because of a problem with the hammock’s design. The CPS also was able to independently verify these reports.

The hammocks were produced to create a gentle swaying motion to assist the child during periods of relaxation. Either the motion of the child or an external force could help create the swaying effect. The problem with the beds was that the infants rolled on the mattress and became trapped. While suffocation did occur it is unclear if the mattress or the fabric were the greatest safety risk.

Actions to Take Following Recall of Amby Baby Motion Bed

It is very important that parents or guardians discontinue the use of this product as soon as possible. Amby Baby USA does not suggest trying to fix the issue without help from the company. The CPSC suggests removing the bed from the home and finding alternative sleeping arrangements for the child.

Amby Baby USA does offer a repair kit that is supposed to correct the safety issues of the hammock. Consumers interested in obtaining a kit, requesting a refund, or learning more information can contact the company directly.

The phone number of Amby Baby USA is (866) 544-9721. From Monday through Friday during normal business hours, a representative will be able to help with any inquiries. Interested consumers may also use the Amby Baby Website for assistance or for more information.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission website also contains updated information on recalls throughout the United States.

Readers who find this article informative may also like to read additional recall information on Edushape's Snap Beads, Children’s Hooded Sweatshirts, and Children’s Metal Pendants.

Sims 2 Making an Alien Baby: Instructions on How to Create a Unique and Rare Sim

Among the many paranormal creatures in the game is the relatively benign alien baby. Alien babies grow and behave exactly as a normal baby; the primary difference is that they are birthed by a male sim rather than a female sim.

Alien babies have two fathers. One is the male sim that was abducted by aliens, probed, and returned home. The other father is an Alien called Pollination Technician.

Getting an Alien Baby

The natural way of acquiring an alien baby involves hours of stargazing through a telescope. Abductions happen very rarely. Chances may increase when the stargazing sim has maxed out Logic skill points. Female sims do not have alien babies, only male sims. Players who want to raise an alien baby must have a male sim do the stargazing.

For those that do not have the patience to sit around spending their nights watching the telescope, there is the boolprop method. Press Ctrol+Shift+C and enter boolprop testingcheatsenabled true into the cheat text. Hold the shift key down and click on the telescope at night.

Select the option Force Abduction. A spaceship will cruise by and suck the player’s chosen sim from where he was innocently stargazing in his backyard. About a day later the aliens will return the traumatized sim to his home and he will begin his pregnancy.

Except for the gender of the afflicted sim, the pregnancy resulting in the Alien Baby is normal.

Raising the Alien Baby

Alien babies age at the usual sim rate and behave as any typical baby sim would. By the time they reach the toddler stage of their development, players will be able to catch a glimpse of how the Alien Baby will look as a child and an adult.

Usually an Alien Baby looks like the Pollination Technician with sickly green skin and black eyes. They usually have black hair, but it is possible for the basic appearance of a baby to differ by inheriting traits from its sim parent. For instance an Alien baby might have the eye color or hair color of the sim father rather than the standard strictly Alien appearance of the Pollination Technician.

An unfortunate trait of Alien babies is that they have a misshapen face with a very narrow jaw. The Alien sim that results will not be the best looking sim, but with the green skin color, which is otherwise only found in witches or warlocks (though it is not inheritable from parents to offspring as the Alien skin tone may be) every Alien baby will stand out from the crowd, a fact that will help generate excitement for the player.

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